Issue with QV, CRM 2013 SP1 UR 4 and IE 11

Anyone know a quick fix to the JS to fix a compatibility issue with Quick View, CRM 2013 SP1 UR 4 and IE 11. We of course tried to install the new .13 version but that only supports CRM 2015/2016.

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Undefined image for OOB entities

the tiles for some of the oob entities display broken link image. when I inspect/f12 the elements, the src attribute for the img tag shows "undefined". an example would be the account entity. ...

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Command ribbon unresponsive after clicking 'Site Map' from CRM sitemap

We have noticed an issue with the 'Site Map' link that appears within the CRM sitemap once Quick View has installed. The problem appears to only be with the 'Site Map' link to the right hand side o...

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Activities and Meetings Icon Missing...

Hello, I have added the default entities in CRM 2013 for Activities and Meetings. The text appears on the buttons but the icon is blank. How can I get the icon to show on the button? (see attach...

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Chrome support - no more?

Hi, thank you for a great solution. however, chrome browser support is not really happening these days... it worked untill about a week ago - and then it just stopped loading,, no errors, but the ...

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IE 8 Compatibility

Hi guys, I recently installed Quick View on our CRM system and I am blwon away by the capabilities. I am eagerly looking forward to the next updates. However, I have noticed a slight issue with ...

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Hi Team Could you please advise me on some queries I have regarding the update of QuickviewMenu. We're currently using QuickviewMenu_1_0_0_8 and I've used XRM toolbox to do some changes to the sit...

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Icon display issues with v1.0.0.3

After updating to v3 I see broken icon images for various OOB and custom entities on the display. See attached images. If I revert back to v2 they work.

Id #1673 | Release: Quick View Menu v1.0.0.12 | Updated: Jan 15, 2014 at 2:36 PM by RhettClinton | Created: Jan 9, 2014 at 3:40 PM by amagnotta

Script error when using the Outlook client

When I click on a tile when using the Outlook client (Outlook 2013, CRM2013 IFD'd rollup 1 not applied, Windows 8.1) I get a script error; Line 574 Char 9 Unable to get property 'control' of undefi...

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Chrome support

In my Chrome it dosn't work. The solution works great in my IE10 and in my surface 2 RT it's just amazing!

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