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Quick View Menu Overview

The Quick View Menu helps you navigate to any location in Dynamics CRM quickly and seamlessly by taking your existing Sitemap and presenting it in an easy to navigate interface. The menu currently comes with a Win UI look & feel while also allowing you to provide additional resource and configuration settings.

Open Quick View from Sitemap

Example of CRM Sales

Example of full OOB menu layout and style

The managed solution configuration page provides an area to manage quick view menu options and features. Options include

1. Sitemap setting to easily add/remove the Quick View Menu to/from you Sitemap.
2. Security setting to enable or disable whether user security privileges are used to only show the buttons a user has access to. If this is disabled then there may be slight performance improvement.

Quick View Menu Summary

Current Features
  • Multi-browser support, tested in IE8+, IPad Safari, Chrome and FireFox
  • Configure Sitemap Area, Group and SubArea exclusions. (i.e. modify QuickViewMenuConfig.xml)
  • Resource management such as Sitemap item Title, Icon overrides. (i.e. modify QuickViewMenuResources.xml)
  • Win 8 UI look & feel.
  • Add/Remove Quick View Menu to/from the Sitemap easily from the Solution Configuration.
  • Horizontal Mouse Scroll.
  • Security - Enable/Disable if menu should only show buttons to user if they have read privilege to the entity

  • Security is not implemented on manually entered sitemap privileges yet so users can see all menu items that they have read access for.

Future Improvements

  • Apply sitemap defined security privileges
  • Solution Configuration option to easily manage Sitemap Exclusions.
  • Solution Configuration option to easily manage Sitemap Resources.
  • Solution Configuration option to easily manage Colour Scheme.
  • Ability to Customize Quick View Menu layout.
  • Define User specific Quick View Menu layout.

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