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Command ribbon unresponsive after clicking 'Site Map' from CRM sitemap


We have noticed an issue with the 'Site Map' link that appears within the CRM sitemap once Quick View has installed. The problem appears to only be with the 'Site Map' link to the right hand side of the Quick View drop down and not with the 'Site Map' option under the Quick View menu (i.e. the CRM sitemap link to 'Site Map' seems fine but the one included in the Quick View menu is not). Circled in the image attached.

The issue is that after clicking on 'Site Map', then the command menu directly beneath CRM's sitemap (with New Activity, New Record, Import Date, Advanced Find) becomes completely unresponsive (commands not selectable or even highlighted on hover over; although hover over text does display). Issue with the command bar remains even after navigating back to home from CRM's sitemap. Users need to navigate to Quick View | List View then back to Quick View | Site Map to get the command bar to respond again.

Otherwise, thanks for a great solution.

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